Some of the Best Open-Source Projects to make your life easier.

Some of the Best Open-Source Projects to make your life easier.

We all know javascript is the language using which we can build any type of application whether it is the web, mobile or desktop. from its birth javascript has evolved so much to make developer life easier. especially in the frontend world javascript is king. there are so many projects built on top of javascript some of them are closed source and some of them are open source. Reactjs is one of them. so in this article will be sharing some of the best open-source projects which you can use in your next Reactjs project.

Material UI

Material UI is Based on Google material design and it comes with components for faster and easier web development.


There might be multiple use cases where we would need this library as it comes with A flexible and beautiful Select Input control for ReactJS with multiselect, autocomplete, async and creatable support.

React Flatpickr

Useful library for building Select Date Picker.

React Tag Input

If you are building an application with a tag system then this library will be definitely useful. React Tag Input is a robust, minimal, and performant input field for creating multiple tags.

React Countup

This library Provides a Configurable React Component wrapper around Countupjs. it's lightweight and can be used to quickly create animations that display numerical data in a more interesting way.


When you are building an application that involves events management then this library would be got fit for that. you can integrate this library with any javascript framework.

I hope you all find this helpful. Let me know in the comment section which other libraries make your life easier.

And that’s it for this topic. Thank you for reading.

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