Journey of learning and knowledge sharing: Dev Retro 2022

Journey of learning and knowledge sharing: Dev Retro 2022

Hello folks, My name is Sachin Chaurasiya and I'm Software Engineer, Open Source Contributor and Technical Writer.

I would like to take this Dev Retro 2022 opportunity and share my Journey of learning and knowledge sharing.

Start of the journey 🎬

It all started in my second year of college and I started with web development by learning the basics of HTML, CSS and JavaScript from TraversyMedia and CodeWithHarry.

After learning the basics I built small projects to gain confidence in whatever I have learned.

Then I started learning ReactJs and I followed the Main Concepts section of the official ReactJs Doc. After understanding the what and why of ReactJs I moved to Project-based learning and built some projects with ReactJs.

During this period I observed one thing there is a lot of content available and folks are sharing their learnings and documenting their learnings.

I also felt that I should start sharing whatever I have learned and then I started writing technical articles.

Overall starting was good and faced some challenges but with the help of structure learning, I overcome those challenges.

And Finally, In May 2021, I got my first job, Thanks to LinkedIn 🥳.

Open Source Contribution 💡

Open Source has played a vital role in my journey and I have learned a lot from Open Source Contribution.

I have contributed to 20+ Open Source Projects and learned the following things.

  • How to work with different people

  • How to explain things to others

  • How to ask for help

  • How to help others

  • How to learn from other people's work

  • How to gain more experience from the process

Read more about my Open Source Journey

Knowledge sharing ✍️

Learning in public is one of the best things an individual can do and I did, During this period I shared my learning through LinkedIn, Twitter and My blog.

I got a great response from the community and feedback that helped me to improve and work on the things that I was missing.

Overall knowledge sharing was the best decision I made and I would like to continue this process to improve myself at every point.

What I learned In My First Job ✨

The first job is always special and exciting, but for me, it was more exciting because I was about to work on some real-world projects 😍.

My training started and I got my first assignment. The asked in assignment was to use TypeScript that I haven't used before. I took this assignment as an opportunity to learn and implement new technology.

After going through official documents and some articles, I learned the typescript and implemented it in the given assignment and finally, I completed my assignment.

Now comes the most interesting part, Code Review, in code review I got a lot of feedback about my code and also the approach I took to complete the assignment. that day I learned the importance of feedback and I worked on it.

There are many incidents like this but covering all of it's not possible in this article so I will summarize my learning through the following points.

  • If you never ask then no one will know your problem

  • Do your research before asking for the help

  • Be ready for new learnings and challenges

  • Interact with your colleagues

  • Share your learnings with others

  • Work with honesty

  • Grab the given opportunity

  • Feedbacks are for you so take it and work on it.

  • Ask for feedback.

Personal Growth 🚀🚀

I worked on my various social handles to interact, learn, share and collaborate. Currently, I am active on Twitter, LinkedIn, and, GitHub.

I'm also working on my personal website and planning to include all the resources and tools that I used and still using in my journey.

I'm an active member of ReactPlayIo and the OpenMetadata Community 🚀.

And that wraps up the My Dev Retro 2022, Thanks for reading. Do share if you have anything in the comments.

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