5 Amazing Resources To Find Colours For Your Product or Website

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Sachin Chaurasiya
·Mar 20, 2022·

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5 Amazing Resources To Find Colours For Your Product or Website
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Howdy people, are you running out of colours for your product or website? don't worry, today I will share the 5 amazing resources you can use to choose colours.


Create gradients or palettes, save one of the many fantastic colour schemes or use their unique tools.



Ready to use gradient background colours. Cool Gradients are prepared according to the latest design trends. And it is served in the form of eggs. With hex and CSS codes.



Created for the clean and uncluttered design pattern to achieve an optimal focus and readability for code syntax highlighting and UI components.



As you click on different palettes every colour on this site updates to give you the context of how that colour could be used for your design or illustration projects.


Material design palette

Choose your favourite colours and get your Material Design palette generated and downloadable.


And that’s it for this topic. Thank you for reading.

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